Erik Finman a 19 year old bitcoin millionaire gives really good advice to young people looking to invest in cryptocurrency. He says it is good to follow your passion and find out what you are good at. Once you are able to find out what you are good at than figure out a way to provide that service to other people. This way you can generate another stream of income.


Finman currently owns 401 bitcoins which were valued at above 8 million dollars at the peak. He started to invest when he was 12 years old when his grandma gave him $1,000 in 2012.


Billionaire investors have been warning about investing in cryptocurrency since the beginning of the moment. However the ideology of the community is to strong some say this might be due to the fact there is no sole target for bitcoin. This means since there is no one to target no one can really stop the moment since the moment is implanted in everyone one of these individuals.


The teenage is optimistic and excited about the future of bitcoin and can’t wait to see where it can be by the year 2030. He says “what I love about bitcoin is that instead of some rich old guy on Wall Street. Young poor people are the ones getting rich,” he writes on twitter.


Finman believe investing in cryptocurrency is one of the quickest ways to get rich for young people. He had a 2.1 GPA in high school and teachers told him he would be a failure however he never quit and now his life reflects his thoughts also his ambition to be great and never quit.


Finman was also a early investor in ethereum and litecoin he says deep down everyone knows that cryptocurrencies are the future. Even the bankers and wallstreet knows it. He says with patience and time it will takeover everything.