Lambo 2

Orange Lamborghini

Bitcoin millionaire traders around the world are lining up to buy lambos majority of them purchased Ethereum at $8. These types of people are motivated and ruthless they don’t care about losing it all. Some of these individuals were less than 18 years old with huge ambition. This type of ambition made them reach there dreams which were Lamborghinis.

These teens were given the opportunity to invest money because they established an extra stream of income early on.

Bitcoin millionaires have warned the public this is risky asset class because of the volatility. However explained that it is just as real as fiat money except bitcoin can’t be replicated like the normal fiat currency. There will only be 21 million units therefore it is better than any other form on currency even gold. Humans are evolving quick and there can be a time in the world where we start to travel endlessly through space therefore we will find more gold. However bitcoin we can not find more of it is a computer code and we can’t just make more of it out of thin air therefore it is the most valuable thing in human history. Saycheers is predicting this asset class to be worth around $250,000 dollars in the next couple years. The internet bubble blew up at 7 trillion bitcoin is able to get closer to 20 trillion because of hyper inflation. Therefore many other investor can become Lamborghini owners.


Certain investor said they read countless books learning skills and training for this moment to take over. They said that dreams do come true and dreams are real if you work hard. Cryptocurrency represents the largest transfer of wealth this world has ever seen. There only remains one question which is when will bitcoin become a global currency? Cheers!